07 2 / 2013

-It’s never too early to start

- Understand career planning
1) Familiarize self with careers in medicine
2) Have a balanced CV- academics, leadership, service, research, work, professional memberships, hobbies and outside interests. Ok to list things from undergrad.
3) Career exploration activities (shadowing, interest clubs, etc)
4) Preceptorships
5) Summer- research, service, clinical, other.

-Research is helpful but not always necessary- depends on the program and the other factors of your CV

- 4 Phases
1) Understand yourself- your values, interests, skills, strengths/weaknesses, personality
2) Exploring options - 20+ specialties
3) Choose specialty- science and art
4) Matching residency- clerkship grades, step 1 and 2 scores, CV and application, MSPE, interviews

- services.aamc.org/careersinmedicine


Time to put on my grownup pants.

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